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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So Very Busy

I have been so busy lately. My family is moving as soon as the kids get out of school. My Hubby is working out of town and only coming home on the weekends until we can move to where his new job is. It has been hard for the past month being apart, being a single mom during the week with three active kids, and financially supporting two households! I am looking forward to getting the move over with but before that happens I have to pack this 5 person house by myself and keep enough out to live on till we move. Not the most horrible thing in the world but definitely not fun. I am determined to still take a little time out of each day to spend with my craft stuff before I have to pack it up. I am trying to keep it out till the last possible minute. =) I really have a few challenges that I would love to do and I need to work on my project for the Grillin' and Chillin' bug hop, which by the way is going to be so much fun, hosted by Barb over at Bug Bites !!! I am so excited for that!!! I'm not participating in the first hop which is the Grillin' part, but I will definitely hop along with the very talented ladies that are. I will be participating in the second or Chillin' bug hop and can't wait! Mark your calendars for this one it is going to be so much fun with lots of blog candy and an end of the hop challenge.



Lisa said...

Wow, Jen, you are a busy girl! I hope your move goes smoothly and is not too stressful. I look forward to participating in the Grillin' & Chillin' Bug Hop with you! Though I will be in the first group, I will definitely be hopping along with the second. Thanks so much for posting my giveaway and I hope you have a great day :D

Jan said...

Oh, I feel your pain! We did that for 6 months before me and the kids could move to be with my husband. I'll keep you in my thoughts ;)

JustYolie said...

I hope the move goes smoothly for you and things settle down for you. Take care! :-)

CraftyShell said...

I almost 100% understand. Last year at this time we had been working on the house we bought and I would come over during the day and work then DH would come over after work and we would work a litte more, then go to our home where we lived and I would have to cook clean and pack. Like you I did not want to pack up my scrapbook supllies till the last. I keep some of the stuff out that I used alot rest got packed up. Did not have alot of scrap time though. And we dont have kids, so I really feel for you. Good luck and remember this is tempory it will get better.

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